Zebra Rock Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: White, Grey, Yellow with bands of white, red, brown or maroon

Area: Australia

Appearance:Agate like opaque

Structure type:Trigonal Aggregate Microcrystalline.


Astrological Signs: Gemini Taurus

Zebra Rock has not had a lot written about it and not a lot is know about its healing qualities. I have noted that people are fascinated by the stripes on the rock and how the appear almost like they have been painted on. I have found that Zebra Rock has helped me when contemplating a problem; it has helped my concentration and thought processes.

It also brings understanding and compassion, it allows us to look below the surface and see things on a deeper level. Zebra Rock stimulates our physical energy and is recommended for those who pursue athletic activities as it provides stamina and endurance. It gives us strength in difficult times and helps to dispel anger and to bounce back after life’s setbacks.

The healing properties of this crystal have been used to aid in the healing of bone loss dry skin muscle spasms heart palpitations and vitamin deficiencies.



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